Hello! My name is Sofya Svetlaya, I am a photographer and teacher of photography.
I live in Vienna and I have an online school and have already taught over 700 photographers around the world. Photography for me is not just a job, photography is also my passion.
I often do creative work myself and publish it on my instagram.
I have a photography blog and today it has a hundred thousand followers.

I want to tell you about myself as a photographer. I have been doing it since I was 14 years old. Now I am 23. My father is a photographer and I fell in love with it too. He has a career in photojournalism and shared a lot of knowledge with me even in childhood. At the age of 18, I felt that I really like retro photography, I love film colors and I wanted to catch moments of life in the pictures. With this understanding, I began to look for my style. Many people say that I already have a style, but
I believe that finding your style is a long journey that has no end.

My favorite photographers are Peter Lindbergh, Kat Irlin, Paolo Roversi, Annie Leibovitz, Soul Leiter. I like that through their photography they speak to the audience. I am also trying to pursuit this.

Today I see my development in the fashion industry and I want to put my energy into teamwork to create interesting and stylish photo shoots.
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